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Main hand J7 joint absolute value encoder industrial wire harness

50 pcs
Main hand J7 joint absolute value encoder industrial wire harness
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Product Name: Main Hand J7 Joint Absolute Value Encoder Industrial Wire Harness
Application Area: Surgical Vehicles And Instrument Vehicles And Other Equipment
Wire Type: High Flexible Drag Chain Line Or Customized
Conductor Material: Oxygen-free Copper Or Optional
Encoder: Subminiature High Speed Magnetic Rotation, SSI Protocol, RM08SD
Plastic Shell: 4 PIN
Color: Optional
Length: 30mm Or Customized
Conduction Impedance And Insulation Resistance: ≤5Ω,≥10MΩ
DV High Pressure: 300V
MOQ: 50 Pcs
Packing: Cartons
OEM,ODM: Accept
Code: FDL464A922
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Shineplus
Certification: ISO13485,ISO9001,UL,ROHS2.0
Model Number: High flexible drag chain line or customized
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: PE bags; Cartons
Delivery Time: Negotiable
Payment Terms: Negotiable
Supply Ability: 8000 pcs/day
Product Description

Main hand J7 joint absolute value encoder industrial wire harness


1. Product description


  Main hand J7 joint absolute value encoder industrial wire harness use of oxygen free copper conductor works like a high energy rate,and molded


industrial wiring harness, plug and play, flexible and strong, longer life.All materials meet the requirements of environmental protection.Main hand


J7 joint absolute value encoder industrial wire harness the heat shrinkable tube used has the characteristics of halogen-free flame retardant, single


wall and thin shape and waterproof rating is IP68.


  Feel free to contact with us, if you ever needed to consider your wire harness solution.


2. Product information


Product Name

Main hand J7 joint absolute value encoder industrial wire harness

Harness material

Pass ISO13485,ISO9001,ULand ROHS2.0 certification

Product application

Surgical vehicles and instrument vehicles and other equipment

Length, color

Customized according to customer needs


Samples confirmed first before mass production


Whole-course specially-assigned follow-up, to provide fast and efficient service

Test requirement

No short circuit phenomenon, conduction rate 100%



After-sales service

Authentic guaranteed, factory outlets center


3. Picture of real products


Main hand J7 joint absolute value encoder industrial wire harness 0


4. Application area


I: Machine tool control: The main hand J7 joint absolute value encoder industrial wiring harness can be used in machine tool control system for transmitting encoder position information and rotation Angle data. It can achieve high precision position measurement and control, ensure the accuracy and stability of machine tool movement.


II: Automation systems: Wire harnesses can be used for position measurement and control applications in automation systems such as factory automation, assembly lines, logistics systems, etc. It can be used in conjunction with the main hand J7 joint absolute value encoder to provide accurate position feedback and achieve precise motion control and positioning.


III: Robot control: The main hand J7 joint absolute value encoder industrial wiring harness has an important application in the field of robot control. It can be used to transmit the position and attitude information of the encoder to help the robot achieve accurate movement and positioning, and improve production efficiency and operation accuracy.


5. Feature


I: High precision signal transmission: The harness uses high quality wires and connectors to achieve high precision signal transmission. It ensures accurate transmission of encoder position and rotation Angle data, providing precise position measurement and control.


II: Reliability and durability: The wire harness material has excellent resistance to wear, corrosion and interference, making it suitable for long-term use in industrial environments. It goes through strict quality control and testing to ensure product reliability and stability.


III: Anti-interference ability: The harness has good anti-interference ability, which can reduce the influence of external electromagnetic interference on signal transmission. It uses shielding and insulation technologies to reduce signal distortion and interference and ensure accurate data transmission.


IV: Easy installation: The harness design is simple and convenient, easy to install and maintain. It has a standardized connector interface and plug and pull design, making the installation process fast and easy to operate.


6. Main products


I: Wiring harness of industrial control equipment:

Power wiring harness, signal wiring harness, control wiring harness, data wiring harness, video wiring harness, motor wiring harness, debugging wiring harness, cabinet wiring harness.


II: Medical equipment wire harnesses:

Endoscope wire harness, infusion pump power cord, ECG lead wire, monitor cable, electric operating table wire harness, electric knife wire harness and mechanical arm wire harness.


III: New energy wire harnesses:

Charging harness, energy storage harness, electric vehicle harness, navigation harness, automotive harness, instrument panel harness, sensor harness, compress or harness.

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