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300v Ip67 Qb Electronic Wire Electric Intelligent Forklift Power Supply Harness ODM OEM

50 pcs
300v Ip67 Qb Electronic Wire Electric Intelligent Forklift Power Supply Harness ODM OEM
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Product Name: 300V IP67 QB Electronic Wire Electric Intelligent Forklift Power Supply Harness
Application Area: Balanced Heavy Forklift, Electric Pallet Truck, Electric Stacker Truck, Aerial Work Truck, Tractor, Multi-purpose Truck, Etc
Processing Technic: Riveting, Welding, Assembly
Connector: German Deutsch (Deutsch), American Tyco (TE), Circular Terminal
Wire Type: QB Electronic Wire
Outside Of Wire Harness: Corrugated Pipe
Color: Black
Length: 5000mm
Withstand Voltage: DC300V, 10 Milliseconds
Insertion And Removal Cycle: ≥5000 Times
Salt Spray Test: ≥48 Hours
Insulation Resisitance: ≥5MΩ
Conductor Resistance: ≤2Ω
MOQ: 50 Pcs
Packing: Cartons
OEM,ODM: Accept
High Light:

Ip67 Electronic Wire Harness


Electric Forklift Power Supply Harness


Intelligent Forklift Power Supply Harness

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Shineplus
Certification: ISO13485,ISO9001,UL,ROHS
Model Number: EV cable
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Cartons
Delivery Time: Negotiable
Payment Terms: Negotiable
Supply Ability: 8000 pcs/day
Product Description

300V IP67 QB electronic wire electric intelligent forklift power supply harness


1. Product description


  300V IP67 QB electronic wire electric intelligent forklift power supply harness QB electronic wire is used, QB electronic wire is a kind of high


quality wire, with low resistance, low temperature rise and wear resistance. It provides stable current transmission, reduces energy loss, and has a


long service life. The wiring harness is suitable for 300V voltage level, which can meet the power supply requirements of electric intelligent forklift.


The IP67 rating of the harness indicates a high degree of protection, providing effective protection against dust and water in harsh environmental


conditions. This enables the harness to adapt to various indoor and outdoor working environments, ensuring the reliability and safety of power


transmission. The wiring harness is designed for electric smart forklifts and is suitable for connecting the power parts of the forklift, including the


electric drive system, battery pack and controller, etc. It provides reliable power transmission and guarantees the normal operation and control of




  Feel free to contact with us, if you ever needed to consider your wire harness solution.


2. Product information


Product Name

300V IP67 QB electronic wire electric intelligent forklift power supply harness

Harness material

Pass ISO13485,ISO9001,UL and ROHS certification

Product application

Balanced heavy forklift, electric pallet truck, electric stacker truck, aerial work truck, tractor, multi-purpose truck, etc

Length, color

Customized according to customer needs


Samples confirmed first before mass production


Whole-course specially-assigned follow-up, to provide fast and efficient service

Test requirement

Salt spray test: ≥72H,Conduction rate 100%



After-sales service

Authentic guaranteed, factory outlets center


3. Picture of real products


300v Ip67 Qb Electronic Wire Electric Intelligent Forklift Power Supply Harness ODM OEM 0


4. Application area


I: Electric forklifts: Electric forklifts are forklifts that use electricity as their power source and are commonly used in scenarios such as warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing. The 300V IP67 QB electronic wire power harness of electric intelligent forklift is widely used to connect the battery pack, motor, controller and instrument of electric forklift to ensure the stable supply of power and reliable transmission of control signals.


II: Intelligent forklift: With the development of Internet of Things and intelligent technology, intelligent forklift has attracted more and more attention. Intelligent forklifts usually have automatic navigation, automatic charging, remote monitoring and other functions. 300V IP67 QB electronic wire electric intelligent forklift power harness plays a key role in connecting the intelligent control system, sensors and communication modules of intelligent forklift to achieve reliable operation of intelligent functions.


III: Special forklifts: In addition to general purpose electric forklifts, there are also some special forklifts, such as stackers, balanced weight forklifts, traction forklifts, etc. These special forklifts usually have specific working environment and work requirements. The 300V IP67 QB electronic wire electric intelligent forklift power harness can adapt to the needs of these special forklifts, providing reliable power transmission and control signal transmission.


5. Feature


I: QB electronic wire: QB electronic wire is used in the power harness, which has excellent electrical conductivity and electrical characteristics. Stable transmission of power, reduce resistance and power consumption, and provide a reliable power supply.


II: Harness structure: This power harness consists of multiple wires, each with a specific function and color coding to facilitate proper connection and identification. The wires are insulated and protected from each other to prevent short circuits and damage.


III: Anti-interference ability: electromagnetic interference and other interference sources may exist in the working environment of electric intelligent forklift. 300V IP67 QB electronic wire electric intelligent forklift power harness may have anti-interference ability, reduce the impact of external interference on power transmission and control signal transmission, to ensure stable operation of the system.


6. Main products


I: Wiring harness of industrial control equipment:

Power wiring harness, signal wiring harness, control wiring harness, data wiring harness, video wiring harness, motor wiring harness, debugging wiring harness, cabinet wiring harness.


II: Medical equipment wire harnesses:

Endoscope wire harness, infusion pump power cord, ECG lead wire, monitor cable, electric operating table wire harness, electric knife wire harness and mechanical arm wire harness.


III: New energy wire harnesses:

Charging harness, energy storage harness, electric vehicle harness, navigation harness, automotive harness, instrument panel harness, sensor harness, compress or harness.

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