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AVSS1.5mm2 AVSS4.0mm2 0.34mm2 Double Shielded Cable Excavator Engine Harness

50 pcs
AVSS1.5mm2 AVSS4.0mm2 0.34mm2 Double Shielded Cable Excavator Engine Harness
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Product Name: AVSS1.5mm², AVSS4.0mm², 0.34mm² Double Shielded Cable Excavator Engine Harness
Application Area: Internal/external Cables For Industrial Machinery (graders, Excavators, Stackers, Etc.)
Wire Type: AVSS1.5mm², AVSS4.0mm², And 0.34mm² Double Shielded Cables
Processing Technic: Terminal Riveting, Welding, Forming, Assembly
Shielding (EMI): Double Shielded Cable (braided, Aluminum Foil)
Connector: GA Steering Sensor
Color: Black
Length: 1550mm
OD: Customized
Rated Voltage: 300V
Work Temperature: -40℃~+80℃
MOQ: 50 Pcs
Packing: Cartons
OEM,ODM: Accept
High Light:

300V Cable Excavator Engine Harness


Cable Excavator Engine Harness 1550mm


Double Shielded Automotive Wiring Harness

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Shineplus
Certification: ISO13485,ISO9001,UL,ROHS2.0
Model Number: High flexible towing cable
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: PE bags; Cartons
Delivery Time: Negotiable
Payment Terms: Negotiable
Supply Ability: 8000 pcs/day
Product Description

AVSS1.5mm², AVSS4.0mm², 0.34mm² double shielded cable excavator engine harness


1. Product description


  AVSS1.5mm², AVSS4.0mm², 0.34mm² double shielded cable excavator engine harness has a double shielding structure, including braided


shielding and aluminum foil shielding. Braided shielding is composed of fine fabric or braided thread, which provides good electromagnetic


shielding effect. The aluminum foil shield is covered outside the braided shield to further enhance the shielding performance. The double shielded


cable can effectively reduce the influence of external electromagnetic interference on internal signals, and is suitable for environments where


signal integrity needs to be protected, such as excavator engine wiring harness.Due to the larger conductor cross-sectional area, the AVSS4.0mm²


cable can withstand higher current load and is suitable for transmitting larger power power signals.


  Feel free to contact with us, if you ever needed to consider your wire harness solution.


2. Product information


Product Name

AVSS1.5mm², AVSS4.0mm², 0.34mm² double shielded cable excavator engine harness

Harness material

Pass ISO13485,ISO9001,UL and ROHS2.0 certification

Product application

Internal/external cables for industrial machinery (graders, excavators, stackers, etc.)

Length, color

Customized according to customer needs


Samples confirmed first before mass production


Whole-course specially-assigned follow-up, to provide fast and efficient service

Test requirement

Bending resistance: ≥5 million times,Salt spray test: ≥72H



After-sales service

Authentic guaranteed, factory outlets center


3. Picture of real products


AVSS1.5mm2 AVSS4.0mm2 0.34mm2 Double Shielded Cable Excavator Engine Harness 0


4. Application area


I: Sensor connection: The cables in the wiring harness of an excavator engine are usually used to connect various sensors to monitor the temperature, pressure, speed and other parameters of the engine. These sensors provide data for controlling and monitoring engine performance and operating conditions.


II: Control systems: These industrial cables are also used to connect the control systems of excavator engines, including engine control units (ECUs) and other control modules. Through these cables, the control system can receive and send instructions to achieve accurate control and regulation of the engine.


III: Power transmission: These industrial cables can be used to transmit power signals in engine systems. They can carry high power currents, which are used to supply electrical energy required by the engine, such as starting circuit, motor drive, etc.


5. Feature


I: Electromagnetic shielding: The braided shielding and aluminum foil shielding structure of the industrial cable harness can effectively resist the influence of external electromagnetic interference on internal signals. In the environment of excavator engine, there are various electromagnetic interference sources, such as motor, frequency converter, discharge system, etc. The shielding structure of the cable can block the entry of these interference signals, protect the transmitted power and signals from external interference, and ensure the accuracy and reliability of the signals.


II: Anti-jamming performance: The double shielding structure provides an additional layer of protection to make the cable more anti-jamming performance. Braided shielding effectively absorbs and disperses external electromagnetic interference through the structure of fine fabric or braided thread. Aluminum foil shielding forms a shielding shell by covering the insulation layer to further reduce the influence of external interference signals. These shields work together to protect power and signals from electromagnetic interference in the excavator engine environment.


6. Main products


I: Wiring harness of industrial control equipment:

Power wiring harness, signal wiring harness, control wiring harness, data wiring harness, video wiring harness, motor wiring harness, debugging wiring harness, cabinet wiring harness.


II: Medical equipment wire harnesses:

Endoscope wire harness, infusion pump power cord, ECG lead wire, monitor cable, electric operating table wire harness, electric knife wire harness and mechanical arm wire harness.


III: New energy wire harnesses:

Charging harness, energy storage harness, electric vehicle harness, navigation harness, automotive harness, instrument panel harness, sensor harness, compressor harness.


IV: Other equipment wire harnesses:

Communication equipment wiring harness, outdoor waterproof wiring harness communication equipment wiring harness, power cord/distribution box wiring harness, etc. Welcome to draw custom wiring harness.

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